Business Analytics and Big Data Solutions (BABDS)

                                                Transform Your Big Data Into Big Value For The Enterprise

Radiare believes in taking a holistic approach by bringing Technology, Business and Domain expertise in working towards building superior decision enabling solutions for the Enterprise. Our Business Analytics solutions takes a problem solving approach that helps Enterprises in improving the sales, controlling the costs, identifying the associated risks, optimizing internal measures among others. Further, the analytics services leverages the workings of a Digitial Enterprise by unravelling the hidden insights from both Structured Data and Unstructured data related to the Enterprise.


What we do ?
Business Consulting Services

Our SMEs and Data Scientists work with clients in problem identification and provide consultative approach towards solving business problems by leveraging the data (both structured and unstructured) in a holistic manner. The outcome of this exercise would be to deliver definitive outcome based analytical solutions that enables managers to make better decisions in their realm of work.

Customer Analytics Solutions

Our Customer Intelligence solutions are targeted at the complete Customer Life Cycle Management that addresses: Winning the customer, building customer stickiness, cross-selling and up-selling to the customer, managing customer churn and winning back from competitors. Our Customer Insight professionals combine both structured and unstructured data for delivering effective customer analytics to the enterprise.

Social Media Monitoring

Our point solutions built around Social Media Monitor that helps in understanding the social chatter among the Online social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Discussion Forums among others. It helps in identifying the Brand Perception, Competitive Intelligence, Campaign Tracking, Issue Tracking among others.

Forecasting and Predictive Modelling

Our forecasting solutions uses the past available data to determine future outcomes such as: How much inventory to keep?. The Predictive Analytics solutions looks for new trends in the data that helps in better understanding of customer behaviour that influences promotions and sales.

Model Management

Any good analytics solution stays good only if the underlying model stays relevant. With the continuous change in variables, the analytical models are kept updated on a regular basis by our team.

Big Data Solutions

Our team of data analysts works closely with the data that is available both inside the enterprise like the traditional ERPs and data relevant to the enterprise residing outside the enterprise like the social media to provide insightful solutions. The team has significant experitse in deriving insights from structured and unsructured data.

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