Panel Management Platform

Business Problem

Most of the research companies, in the recent past, have started gathering required information from respondents across various geographies through online surveys. The big-brand companies from around the world depend heavily on research companies for public opinions and product reviews that would help in the development of products and services. In the last few years, most of the market research companies have developed online panels to recruit participants and gather information. Lack of an integrated system to accommodate survey, campaign and panel user management has been providing difficulties to research companies to address the brand/product research effectively.

Solution Description

Panel Platform provides extensive tools to support survey administration activities as follows:

Survey/Project Management

  • Respondent sampling and selection
  • Campaign Management
  • Survey status tracking
  • Client/Vendor Management
  • Survey Router
  • User engagement and Management

Solution Workflow

  • User can create project, define quota, select prospective respondents and assign unique identifiers
  • User can create campaigns/reminder campaigns, survey invitation mail and launch emails through third party API
  • User can track survey completion status and manage honoraria details for survey completions
  • User can manage member database with appropriate details

Tool Capabilities

  • Project Management: Includes project creation, project quota management, project assignment, project tracking, real time quota tracking
  • Respondent Selection: Respondent selection using Target list matching feature or searching respondents from existing database based on multiple parameters
  • Campaign Management: Multiple campaign creation based on sub selection from respondent list, reminder campaigns, online data editor to create survey invitations , launch emails and track survey completion status
  • Client/Vendor Management : Ability to set-up redirection process for multiple vendors
  • Survey Router: Tool can accommodate multiple client landing pages
  • Panel member engagement
    • Panel member registration, referrals and rewards
    • Panel member dashboards
    • Content aggregation and presentation to members
    • Discussion forum
  • User Management: User management and access control for users

Solution Benefits

  • Easy and automated campaign execution
  • Improves ability to deliver higher percentage of survey invitations
  • Standard and robust data repository
  • Reduced errors through automation
  • Powerful analytics