Competitive Intelligence Platform​

Business Problem

Competitor analysis has been growing significance across industries to define the corporate strategy and provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats. Competitive intelligence services provide wide variety of reports to customers at monthly and quarterly intervals on various dimensions like product, price, sales, publications, regulatory information, marketing, competitor corporate strategies etc. The huge content generated over a period of time through competitive intelligence provides difficulties to organizations to maintain the same for any future reference.


Solution Description

Competitive intelligence platform provides the following benefits. 

  • Standard content repository for competitive intelligence information
  • Regular upload and storage of content information
  • Robust search functionality
  • Discussion forum for users

Solution Workflow

  • Analyst gathers data from various sources analyzes it and publish it in textual/ multimedia or document form.
  • Stakeholders/ end users access the information in structural form with the privilege of other utilities like Messaging, Discussion, Repository access etc.
  • Role based flexibility to customize the tool to fit in any respective domain.
  • The tool provides a modus operandi which enables Users to view documents (PowerPoint, word etc.) without using or sharing it with third party services.

Tool Capabilities

  • Content Creation/Modification/Deletion
  • Feeds, News and Alerts
  • Advanced search using Date, Author, Tags, and Keyword etc.
  • Discussion forum
  • Sharing, Messaging and Tagging
  • Customizable Hierarchy

Leveraging Open Capabilities   

  • Tool is platform independent and developed on the principle of Service oriented architecture (SOA) which enables it to fit in any industry.
  • Tool is developed using all GNU license open source technologies which enable it to scale to different technologies as well as features.

Solution Benefits

  • Effectively streamlines the time and expense associated with competitive intelligence information management
  • Helps monitoring industry and competitor trends with respect to specific products
  • Appropriate information availability will ensure that the User/Stakeholder would inculcate this information in business decisions
  • Facilitates user collaboration and discussions to share ideas and strategies with respect to specific products