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Success Stories

Radiare is a focused solutions company and we are proud of the fact that we have been able to deliver more than 100+ Information Management Projects across the spectrum of Data Management, Business Intelligence, Visualization, Performance Management and Analytics in the past 6 years. We have delivered solutions across the globe in Africa, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, UK, USA and India to different verticals such as Retail, Telecom, Banking, Manufacturing among others.

Enterprise Data Management

Data Mart & MIS Reporting Implementation

Data Mart & MIS Reporting Implementation

Project Description:

Customer has grown through multiple acquisitions and has led to proliferation of different source systems for POS, Inventory, Purchase, Warehouse thereby not able to provide a single view of: Sales, Profitability, Spend Analysis, Inventory. Project was executed over a period of 3 months in an onsite-offshore model with 3 onsite and 6 member offshore team (peak size).

Business Benefits:

  • Identification of $15 Million worth of dead inventory
  • Enabled finance to do month end closing in less than 2 weeks, first time in years

Phase 1 of the implementation involved addressing the Sales, Purchase and Inventory Requirements. Radiare took complete end-to-end ownership in building the data mart, MIS reporting & supporting the data loads.

The Key areas that were delivered as part of the Project Implementation include:
  • Data Mart Development
  • Creation of Data Models for Sales/Purchase and Inventory Data Marts
  • Data Integration from various source systems such as HAYAT, FALCON, WAGDY, KHUNAINY, FPOS among others.
  • Building of Reports for Sales/Purchase and Inventory
  • Running Month-end reporting to address areas such as Weighted Average Cost, Gross Margin per Item among others
  • Support Daily Data Load from various source systems
  • Consolidated Operational Reporting like Daily Sales summary, Current Inventory etc across all systems
  • Historical and analytical reporting – Worst and Best performing pharmacies, relative pharmacy performance in terms of sales returns, Promotion effectiveness – from star schema based model

Technology Areas
Informatica 8.6.1, Microstrategy 9 and Oracle 10g

Client: Large Pharmacy Retailer based out of Saudi Arabia.

MI Implementation Migration and Reporting

MI Implementation, Migration And Reporting

Project Description:

Radiare anchored the core team that was responsible for building the Management Information (MI) platform. Team from Radiare was involved in working in the following sub-domains of: General Insurance, Banking and Cards.

The activities include:

  • Data Analysis, Requirements Gathering and participated in building the Data Integration and Reporting layer. The subject areas covered include: Saving Accounts, Current Accounts and Credit Cards.
  • Team from Radiare was involved in data separation, migration and testing of data from Royal Bank of Scotland to the UK based bank.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of the entire MI application platform. The support was provided by teams working in Edinburgh, UK and Bangalore, INDIA
  • Radiare consultants were involved in Fiserv Product Implementation & working closely with Fiserv consultants. Involved in Setting up of the Products, Bonus Plan, New Interest Rates Plans etc as per the Business Requirement.
  • Played active role in implementation of Oracle Financials implementation for the Bank

Tools Involved:

Oracle, IBM Datastage, Microstrategy, Unix/Linux, Fiserv

Client: UK based Bank


Preferred Partner for Global Retail Major

Providing Professional Services For Large UK Based Retail Major

Project Description:

Radiare has been working with the Large UK based Retail Major since 2009 and in the last 3 years had delivered more than 15,000 person days of effort in providing Staffing Services in multiple technologies areas from the client’s Offshore Captive Center in Bangalore, India. Involved in:
  • MIS Reporting related activities, involved in analysis of data, weekly, monthly reporting for Procurement Team
  • Supporting in Installation of Oracle E-Business suite, migration of data and maintenance of database
  • Providing support for DB2 Servers, involved in maintenance, fine-tuning of DB2 instances
  • Testing of eCommerce websites and retail applications

Technology Areas
Data Analyst Services, ETL and Reporting Services around Datastage and Microstrategy, Oracle Financials, database Administration in DB2, Oracle Apps environment, Testing – Both MI testing and Web-based application Testing VBA, SQL Server, VC++, Windows Server and Unix

Client: UK based large Retailer


Business Intelligence & Visualization Solutions

Enterprise Management Consulting & Strategy

Enterprise Management Consulting & Strategy

Project Description:

Client is an international financing institution that invests the world’s money to support large-scale prevention, treatment and care programs against major diseases.
Radiare is engaged in building the Enterprise Management Strategy for streamlining the information flow across the organization that would aid in building superior Grant Processes.

Key Activities include:

  • Use the business strategy of the department/organization for defining information technology and systems architecture to support that strategy.
  • Catalogue the data/information, establish information usage by the various business and stakeholder groups, that supports the Grant Management Process.
  • Development of business logical Information Model and Data Flow Architecture for new Grant Life Cycle process.
  • Define and identify reference data, and provide strategy and process to harmonize Master Data creation and access across the organization
  • Identification of needs for Data Integration, Data Life Cycle management related to Grant Management

Consulting & Advisory for Analytics Practice

Consulting & Advisory For Setting Up Analytics Practice

Project Description:

Analysis of available data and business processes, Gap analysis and identification of areas suitable for analytics, Assessment of technologies and recommendations for analytics practice (platform, architecture, setup, configuration, database design etc.) Skill gap analysis for people, process and technology, Design the framework and methodology for delivery of analytics based services Data preparation (Extraction, transformation and loading processes etc.) and integration with chosen platform. Training of internal resources on Analytics and support end-to-end execution of external analytics projects.

Client: India based Third Party Outsourced Customer Service Provider.

Cross Channel Reporting For A Large Media House

Cross Channel Reporting For A Large Media House In UK

Project Description:

The end client is one of the largest media house which carries out media planning, execution and reporting for its end clients.

Key Challenges:

  • Diverse data sources varying with client and high volume associated with click level tracking
  • Identification and implementation of standard sources and standard reports for a diverse client base
  • Seamless and reduced timeline to onboard multiple clients
  • Ensure data reconciliation with standard reports published by data providers


  • Build of Standard connectors to source all data from data providers to ensure standardization across clients
  • Build of a data warehouse at the most granular level to provide comprehensive reporting & analytics capability
  • Client specific marts to ensure robust security and address client specific dimensional reporting
  • Flexibility of user specified visualization tools accessing SSAS cubes
  • Rich set of auxiliary applications
  • Extend reporting capabilities through user defined KPI
  • On boarding tool to ensure seamless on boarding of multiple clients with diverse requirements
  • Robust validation process to ensure reconciliation with data providers


  • Creation of a consistent data asset integrating multiple sources for enterprise wide use in a secure manner
  • Ability to determine efficacy of different media channels on a single reporting platform
  • Near real time reporting that allows alteration to campaigns
  • Increased leverage of platform through seamless on boarding of multiple clients

Business Analytics & Big Data Solutions

Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Index Scores

Customer Satisfaction Index For India Based Financial Services Major

Project Description:

The client is a well know financial services company focused on providing home / auto loans and products on mutual funds. Radiare assisted the client in Telephonic administration of surveys, Collection and Management of survey data for trend analysis. The solution helped in computation of Customer Satisfaction Index at a granular level to enable aggregation and analysis at different hierarchy levels, Identification and categorization of customers at varied levels of satisfaction and loyalty for appropriate measures

Client: India based Large Financial Services Company

Marketing Solution using Predictive Analytics

Churn Prediction And Effective Campaign Management Using Predictive Analytics

Project Description:

The predictive model solution involves:

  • Churn Management: For the Churn Management, the solution built provides output in the form of churn probability scores for the subscribers. The Subscribers are sorted in descending order of churn scores to divide them into ten deciles (groups). The top 3 deciles capture 88% of churners. The model is refreshed every 7 days.
  • Segmentation Management: In case of Segmentation management, the model output divides the subscribers into 6 clusters with subscribers within the same cluster having similar characteristics. The subscribers identified by the models are targeted through promotion campaigns. Effectiveness and efficacy of campaigns to be determined by having control groups

Potential business benefitted from the above exercise resulted in revenue increase of around USD 1.8 Million.

Client: Large India-Africa Telecom Service Provider

Demand Forecasting of Merchandise

Demand Forecasting Of Merchandise For A ECommerce Company

Project Description:

Forecast the demand using prior sales data on various categories e.g. sporting goods, baby and toddlers etc.

The Sales data contains:

  • Sales past data for variant SKUs
  • Contains different number of sold SKUs in past
  • Contains inventory product id
  • Contains SKU id
  • Contains color, brand, discount, dimensions columns to calculate color index, brand index, discount band

Demand calculation:

Demand is forecasted by taking sales value of product, counts of product sold earlier, brand index, discount band, price band, topic values (deal text data), seasonal index and color index. Most of these values are a value of strings but we converted them to numbers by using index using moving averages (in case we have sales data for all the 52 weeks for that brand or color).

Topic modeling and forecasting and validation:
Topic modeling is done by using text mining using tools like R, Pyhton and SAS using the text information from deal text data, like color, brand, shape, size etc. The solution looks at clustering similar words into different cluster (we call them topic1, topic2 etc), this is done by latent drichlette allocation.

The prediction window is for 7-15 days, the prediction monitored everyday using web based tableu account and the model is refreshed in every 3 months.

Some Benefits of Forecasting:
  • The benefit of having a forecast model is to ensure higher customer satisfaction in terms of delivery time and availability of product.
  • The forecast model also helps the company to ensure to have to correct amount of inventory at disposal.
  • The liquidation cost is also reduced by a large amount and hence saves lot of cost.

Prediction of Propensity Score for Advt Clicks

Prediction Of Propensity For Click Through Rate – Big Data Solution

Project Description:

The business problem is about predicting the propensity score of clicks on various advertisements for a leading advertisement corporation in digital market industry.

Key challenge is the processing of click through rate data is difficult to perform on standalone system due to large volume of data. Also it leads to Increase in cost of infrastructure due to space usage and processing time.

The solution proposed include:

    • Hadoop is used to distribute the big data across various systems connected
    • Cloudera is used for managing the big data with integration of R and Hadoop
    • R is used to as an analytical tool to build the business model based on CRISP-DM

The customer was greatly benefitted in terms of:

  • Reduced costs as all the tools are open source
  • Better efficiency due to increased processing of big data in real time

Propensity to Renewal ans Cross-sell Modeling

Propensity To Renewal And Cross-Sell Modeling For Global Retail Major

Project Description:

The client is Global Retail major with branches over US, Europe and Canada selling GPS tracking units and other related products to the clients.

Radiare built Analytical Models for Propensity to Renewal and Propensity to Cross-sell that helped to Optimize campaigns and in identifying the most potential customers.

The work involved

  • Identify modeling variables and model dataset development
  • Data examination and preparation for rectifying anomalies
  • Bivariate analysis for identifying important variables
  • Logistic regression analysis for developing the final models
  • Apply the models on new data for identifying potential customers

Social Media Intelligence

Social Media Intelligence For Leading Home Appliance Manufacturer

Project Description:

Radiare implemented an in-house built Social Media Intelligence Solution for Extraction and Consolidation of relevant online content based on a Catalog of relevant key items with regard to satisfaction/dissatisfaction and value perception of Home Appliance Products of the Manufacturer.

The Solution helped in :

  • Monitoring Buzz/Online activity related to the Client’s brands and products.
  • Identification of features likely to have an impact on choice
  • Identification of possible online opinion leaders / influencers for targeted messages / updates on product features
  • Structuring / Restructuring of market survey questionnaires based on buzz research

Client: India based Home Appliances Major

Performance Management Solutions

Financial Consolidation Solution

Financial Consolidation Solution

Project Description:

The work involved: Migration of Financial Consolidation & reporting from Hyperion Enterprise Management to Hyperion Financial Management, designed to standardize the financial consolidation process of all the customer’s entities (across 16 countries & involving about 14 different currencies) in Africa.

Radiare is involved in:

  • Requirement analysis, design, planning dimensions and outline metadata based on the Chart of Accounts in financial system.
  • Interaction with users to understand the current methodology and account principles used to work out consolidation rules.
  • Development of consolidation rules using VB scripts to automate calculations for Minority Interest Calculations based on the Ownership principles used for consolidation as per Accounting Standards (IFRS requirements).
  • Training the end users (incl. administrator) and facilitating the UAT process

Budgeting and Planning Solution

Budgeting & Planning Solution

Project Description:

The Budgeting Solution is aimed to assist in improving the Budgeting process and help in reducing the Budget preparation time by more than 50%.
  • Various scenarios of Budgeting are captured in Hyperion Planning and are compared with their Actual performance.
  • The solution also helped the Organization in publishing their monthly Actual reporting to their Management and to their Parent Company.
  • The solution involved pull data from their ERP system and the Budget data is pushed back to the ERP system from Hyperion Planning.
  • Solution Analysis and Design of the budgeting model and Actual reporting system.
  • Budgeting Modeling and building covering many steps starting with setting the baseline till final consolidation and approval
  • Bottom up budgeting and what if analysis as part of the Budgeting process
  • Designing driver based cost allocation to various Rigs.

Product Engineering & Platform Solutions

Competitive Intelligence for Pharma

Competitive Intelligence For Pharma

Project Description:

One of Market Intelligence has successfully implemented Competitive Intelligence platform for couple of pharmaceutical companies thereby providing wide variety of reports and newsletters at weekly, monthly and quarterly intervals on various dimensions like product, price, sales, publications, regulatory information, marketing and competitor corporate strategies.
The Competitive intelligence information is gathered from different sources and uploaded into the platform at regular intervals of time with respect to different molecules and therapeutic areas and the same is presented in a structured format for the end users. The platform also provides advance search capabilities for the users for uploaded content. The Competitive Intelligence platform also has the features for collaboration like discussion forums, messaging, sharing as well as search capabilities for the end users.

Solution Benefits:

  • Provided efficient and standard content repository for the users on competitive intelligence information
  • Facilitated user collaboration and discussions to share ideas and strategies with respect to specific molecules
  • Advance search capabilities for the users to easily find relevant information

Architecture Consulting

Architecture Consulting For A Software Solutions Provider


Propose the appropriate architecture for a BI platform / portal that allows seamless data integration and user friendly and intuitive interfaces to draw insights and collaborative elements to share the same to a larger audience.

Architecture Constraints:

  • 1. Platform should offer high level of customization
  • 2. High degree of modularity to leverage components in multiple applications
  • 3. Seamless data integration from different data sources and varied format
  • 4. High degree of personalization, collaboration and automation
  • 5. Reduce operational overhead

Proposed Architecture:

Radiare architects proposed architecture based on the Microsoft tool stack of ASP.Net and SQL Server 2008 with integration with Sharepoint portal being optional. The architecture provided included logical, technical and physical architecture. The propose architecture also laid out the guidelines for Securit, Caching, Data Flow / Data Access, Data Storage Design, State Management, Transaction and Exception.

The proposed architecture is tiered and has sufficient separation to ensure:
  • Reusability
  • Maintainability
  • Scalability, through Horizontal Scaling ( Scaling Out)
  • Security
The proposed architecture has components that ensures:
  • Optimum resource utilization
  • Easy Extension & Maintenance
  • Scalability & Performance

Client: Client is a leading solutions provider in the Retail space.

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