Digital Applications and Cloud Solutions (DACS)

Radiare’s DACS team brings deep expertise and broad experiences in building digital applications for our clients across various industries and functions. The team focuses on building modular, highly-scalable, API-first, available 24 by 7, rendered on various devices in a seamless fashion. Many of our solutions are hosted on the secure Azure or AWS cloud and continued to be supported by our team.

Some of the technologies that we use and where we have indepth expertise include: Python, AngularJS, ReactJS, HTML5, Backbone.js, .NET and Java.

What we do ?
Digital Strategy Consulting

The Digital Strategy Consulting services offered by our consulting team focuses on how to build a suitable Digital first strategy for our clients and how the business model and the digital strategy will go together and how change management will be the guiding force to ensure complete adoption across the organisation.

Digitization of Services

Radiare helps clients in digitising the various transactional services across the enterprise. Our services start from the ideation stage to building business case to final deployment.

Preventive Asset Maintenance – IoT Based Solution

We combine IoT, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies that provides a comprehensive Preventive Asset Maintenance solutions that helps is managing and monitoring of equipments especially those that are in remote areas such as in mining or RO plants in villages among others. The solutions offers itself to extend into managing factory operations, supply chain networks, inventory management among others.

Conversational AI

Radiare offers cutting-edge technology in Conversational Artifical Intelligence in partnership with boost.ai. Our solutions around Conversational AI helps clients to boost their customer experience and reduce support costs by leveraging the AI-powered virtual agents with natural language understanding available across multiple languages.

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