Architecture Consulting

Objective Propose the appropriate architecture for a BI platform / portal that allows seamless data integration and user friendly and intuitive interfaces to draw insights and collaborative elements to share the same to a larger audience. Architecture Constraints: Platform should offer high level of customization High degree of modularity to leverage components in multiple applications […]

Competitive Intelligence for Pharma

Project Description: One of Market Intelligence has successfully implemented Competitive Intelligence platform for couple of pharmaceutical companies thereby providing wide variety of reports and newsletters at weekly, monthly and quarterly intervals on various dimensions like product, price, sales, publications, regulatory information, marketing and competitor corporate strategies. The Competitive intelligence information is gathered from different sources […]

Budgeting and Planning Solution

Project Description: The Budgeting Solution is aimed to assist in improving the Budgeting process and help in reducing the Budget preparation time by more than 50%. Various scenarios of Budgeting are captured in Hyperion Planning and are compared with their Actual performance. The solution also helped the Organization in publishing their monthly Actual reporting to […]

Financial Consolidation Solution

Project Description: The work involved: Migration of Financial Consolidation & reporting from Hyperion Enterprise Management to Hyperion Financial Management, designed to standardize the financial consolidation process of all the customer’s entities (across 16 countries & involving about 14 different currencies) in Africa. Radiare is involved in: Requirement analysis, design, planning dimensions and outline metadata based […]

Social Media Intelligence

Project Description: Radiare implemented an in-house built Social Media Intelligence Solution for Extraction and Consolidation of relevant online content based on a Catalog of relevant key items with regard to satisfaction/dissatisfaction and value perception of Home Appliance Products of the Manufacturer. The Solution helped in : Monitoring Buzz/Online activity related to the Client’s brands and […]

Propensity to Renewal and Cross-sell Modeling

Project Description: The client is Global Retail major with branches over US, Europe and Canada selling GPS tracking units and other related products to the clients. Radiare built Analytical Models for Propensity to Renewal and Propensity to Cross-sell that helped to Optimize campaigns and in identifying the most potential customers. The work involved Identify modeling […]

Prediction of Propensity Score for Advt Clicks

Project Description: The business problem is about predicting the propensity score of clicks on various advertisements for a leading advertisement corporation in digital market industry. Key challenge is the processing of click through rate data is difficult to perform on standalone system due to large volume of data. Also it leads to Increase in cost […]

Demand Forecasting of Merchandise

Project Description: Forecast the demand using prior sales data on various categories e.g. sporting goods, baby and toddlers etc. The Sales data contains: Sales past data for variant SKUs Contains different number of sold SKUs in past Contains inventory product id Contains SKU id Contains color, brand, discount, dimensions columns to calculate color index, brand […]

Marketing Solutions using Predictive Analytics

Project Description: The predictive model solution involves: Churn Management: For the Churn Management, the solution built provides output in the form of churn probability scores for the subscribers. The Subscribers are sorted in descending order of churn scores to divide them into ten deciles (groups). The top 3 deciles capture 88% of churners. The model is […]

Cross Channel Reporting for a Large Media House

Project Description: The end client is one of the largest media house which carries out media planning, execution and reporting for its end clients. Key Challenges: Diverse data sources varying with client and high volume associated with click level tracking Identification and implementation of standard sources and standard reports for a diverse client base Seamless […]

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