Project info

  • Date:
  • April 22, 2022
  • Client:
  • Category:
  • Performance Management and Solutions
  • Address:

Project Description:

The Budgeting Solution is aimed to assist in improving the Budgeting process and help in reducing the Budget preparation time by more than 50%.

  • Various scenarios of Budgeting are captured in Hyperion Planning and are compared with their Actual performance.
  • The solution also helped the Organization in publishing their monthly Actual reporting to their Management and to their Parent Company.
  • The solution involved pull data from their ERP system and the Budget data is pushed back to the ERP system from Hyperion Planning.
  • Solution Analysis and Design of the budgeting model and Actual reporting system.
  • Budgeting Modeling and building covering many steps starting with setting the baseline till final consolidation and approval
  • Bottom up budgeting and what if analysis as part of the Budgeting process
  • Designing driver based cost allocation to various Rigs
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