Project info

  • Date:
  • April 22, 2022
  • Client:
  • Category:
  • Product Engineering and Platform Solutions
  • Address:

Project Description:

One of Market Intelligence has successfully implemented Competitive Intelligence platform for couple of pharmaceutical companies thereby providing wide variety of reports and newsletters at weekly, monthly and quarterly intervals on various dimensions like product, price, sales, publications, regulatory information, marketing and competitor corporate strategies.

The Competitive intelligence information is gathered from different sources and uploaded into the platform at regular intervals of time with respect to different molecules and therapeutic areas and the same is presented in a structured format for the end users. The platform also provides advance search capabilities for the users for uploaded content. The Competitive Intelligence platform also has the features for collaboration like discussion forums, messaging, sharing as well as search capabilities for the end users.

Solution Benefits:

  • Provided efficient and standard content repository for the users on competitive intelligence information
  • Facilitated user collaboration and discussions to share ideas and strategies with respect to specific molecules
  • Advance search capabilities for the users to easily find relevant information
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