Project info

  • Date:
  • April 22, 2022
  • Client:
  • Financing Institution
  • Category:
  • Business Intelligence and Visualization Solutions
  • Address:

Project Description:

Client is an international financing institution that invests the world’s money to support large-scale prevention, treatment and care programs against major diseases.

Radiare is engaged in building the Enterprise Management Strategy for streamlining the information flow across the organization that would aid in building superior Grant Processes.

Key Activities include:

  • Use the business strategy of the department/organization for defining information technology and systems architecture to support that strategy.
  • Catalogue the data/information, establish information usage by the various business and stakeholder groups, that supports the Grant Management Process.
  • Development of business logical Information Model and Data Flow Architecture for new Grant Life Cycle process.
  • Define and identify reference data, and provide strategy and process to harmonize Master Data creation and access across the organization
  • Identification of needs for Data Integration, Data Life Cycle management related to Grant Management
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