Project info

  • Date:
  • April 22, 2022
  • Client:
  • Digital Media Agency
  • Category:
  • Digital Applications and Cloud Solutions
  • Address:

Project Description:

Client is a large digital media agency that wanted to digitize their process of responding to a scoping bids from its clients.

  • Agency Scoping Tool is a web-based Application that serves to respond to a scoping bid for a Client. Hosted on Azure, Clients invite Marketing Agencies to bid for its projects through this secure tool.
  • The solution was delivered by following AGILE approach with defined Sprint cycles with 100% of the work done from offshore.
  • The tool simplifies and bring efficiency to the agency scoping process.
  • Transforms agency scoping from a non-transparent, labor intensive, inaccurate spreadsheet-based chore into a simple, high value task that improves the value advertisers receive from their agency fees.
  • Powerful analytics to instantly report and compare divisions, brands, scopes by period, agency, geography, discipline, job description, staff level and many other variables.
  • Clients can benchmark costs against prior years, competitive agencies and Flock benchmarks.
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