Product Engineering and Platform Solutions (PEPS)

Our Consulting, Implementation and Support services around Enterprise Information Management leverage the potential of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) technologies combined with optimal offshoring capabilities. This group specializes in Consulting Services, Product Engineering Services and Platform Solutions as part of its offerings.

What we do ?
Product Engineering Services

Radiare has developed significant expertise in working along-side with partners on product development, platform modernization, product upgrade, new product implementation, customization and data integration. We follow structured methodologies and high quality standards during development and in most cases continue to support the product through multiple releases.

Platform Solutions

Over the years Radiare has built platform solutions that are ready-to-deploy either on the cloud or on-premise. The key solutions available include: Panel Management Solutions, Preventive Asset Maintenance Solutions and Competitive Intelligence Solutions.

Panel Management Platform

Administer and conduct market surveys for Pharmaceutical Companies across US and Europe. The participants in the surveys are primarily physicians. In the last couple of years, on this platform we have run more than 2500 surveys and is capable of sending more than a million emails and hosting nearly 50,000 panelists. Radiare continues to maintain and enhance this platform.

Preventive Asset Maintenance Platform

Platform built based on predictive analytics that helps to reduce unscheduled asset downtime. The solution is validated on SAP Hana platform by SAP AG and was showcased at Sapphire 2014 event in Florida.

Competitive Intelligence Platform

Competitive intelligence services provide wide variety of reports to customers at monthly and quarterly intervals on various dimensions like product, price, sales, publications, regulatory information, marketing, competitor corporate strategies etc.

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