Daniel Browne

“At Tesco bank we have a variety of resources (e.g. UK agencies, permanent Tesco UK staff, Tesco HSC staff, Radiare via Tesco HSC), and there seems to be consistently high standard of resource from Radiare”

Margaret McLay

​”Regarding our Production Support Lead at Tesco Bank I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the commitment you have shown my team and Tesco Bank in particular in the last number of weeks. I’m very well aware that you have gone above and beyond what could be reasonably expected of any one person”.

C K Shastri

“We partnered Radiare on Customer Analytics Project for a large telecom. Radiare and its team demonstrated in depth knowledge of predictive analytics domain right from conceptualizing the solution to build and post build. The project clearly demonstrated significant value to our end client and exceeded their expectations.”

Raj Shanker

“I’m pleased to confirm that our partnership has lead to another successful project which leads to online marketing and social media data across digital channels to monitor, track, analyse and predict results required to enable and achieve marketing goals of our end-client.”

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